Will you show my buyers homes…

So I had a call yesterday from an agent in the same State but 4 hours away… He has some clients “in town” and they would like to see one of my listings. However he won’t be in town till Friday… but they REALLY want to see the home on Thursday evening at 5:30 – “will you do it, he asked?”

I asked, Oh do you mean you would like to pay me a referral to help out with your clients. NO – I can wait but they REALLY want to see your listing on Thursday. I can wait till the weekend but they are looking at a few other homes tomorrow as well (Guess some other agents are working for free, too)….

I am doing it. But I am not super thrilled about the idea. Am I wrong here but is this not crazy to ask another agent to do? I have never had this happen before. Maybe I am just lucky that this is the first time. I would not ever do this – unless maybe I was out of town and asked one of the realtors in my office to help out or something in which I would help them out in the future. This agent isn’t really even familiar with our area.

Should I have said No? Well. I am going to think positive and hope that My Listing is the one they choose…

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