What makes a great real estate agent?

What makes a great Real Estate Agent? I hope each of you Active Rainer’s will post one thing that you believe “Makes you a great Real Estate Agent”… For me the most important things that make me a great agent is my ability to “think outside of the box” and not just do “what everyone else is doing”. I strive on being “different” and marketing in ways that others might not think of… Of course, I have to keep changing and adding new ways of marketing because it seems as soon as I start something new – everyone else (or many agents) copy… which is cool 🙂 – keeps me having to be creative!!! Working with Buyers – I think the most important thing that makes me a great real estate agent is simple… To Listen… listening to their wants and needs and then going out and finding the perfect home. I hear so many times from buyers that other agents they had worked with in the past had shown them homes that they had no idea why they would have shown them the homes – they were nothing that they had said they wanted… Following through is also important and being available…

Have a great day and I hope you will share what makes YOU a Great Real Estate Agent!

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