Wal-Mart Layoffs in Northwest Arkansas

I am saddened to hear about the latest Wal-Mart layoffs in Northwest Arkansas. I understand that companies have to do this but the impact of those 300 most recent layoffs is devastating to those families. My heart goes out to you.

Read About the layoffs from Northwest Arkansas News Source, NWAOnline.com, here.

In February 2009, Wal-Mart let go 700 to 800 people at its headquarters and I witnessed first hand what it did to a few families. My husband, Jerry Dou, helps people that own homes that have come into difficult times sell their homes. Many people are unaware that there is help for them if they become unable to “afford” their home payments anymore after losing a job. Even if they get another job – in these economic times it is not always as high of paying job as what they were used to and it doesn’t cover their expenses of living that they had become accustomed to. Last year both Jerry and I helped a few familes “short sell” their homes. I assisted in the marketing of these homes as many were higher end homes that usually do not fall into the category of “distressed properties”. When many hear “distressed properties”, or “firesales” or Short Sales – they think something may be wrong with the home. That is NOT the case… Many times it just so happens these sellers have had an unfortunate event occur. The sooner they get help the sooner they can move on and start over…

If you are reading this and you know someone that we can help – if it is to discuss options of selling their home in a traditional manner or via short-sale – please pass along our contact info. to them.

Jerry Dou – “Short Sale Specialist” in Northwest Arkansas | 479.236.0362 | jerry@jerrydou.com | www.NWAFiresale.com | Sr. Vice President w/ Century 21 Exclamation Realty

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