The Best Real Estate Company in Northwest Arkansas!

I thought I would write a little something about my favorite  (and the BEST) Real Estate company in Northwest Arkansas, Century 21 Exclamation RealtyThe Best Real Estate Company in Northwest Arkansas!!!

I have had the opportunity to work with a few companies in Northwest Arkansas since I began my real estate career including owning my own company for a couple of years. I began working at Century 21 Exclamation Realty after a LOT of thought and a LOT of interviewing companies in NWA. There are many reasons I decided to go with C21 which I won’t go into all of them…

I am a very independent person and do not need much “hand holding” when it comes to listing and selling Real Estate. I sort of like doing things a little “different” and I tend to keep in the loop of new technologies within Real Estate and even outside of Real Estate to see what I can bring – NEW – to the Real Estate world in Northwest Arkansas. When I met with Marcella Hagan (owner of Century 21 Exclamation Realty) I could see she shared similar visions as mine and would allow me to grow as I need to – without the “making me do things the way they have always been done”… I feel those ways are long gone… The thing about C21 Exclamation Realty & the management team is that they will hold your hand if you need it or want it – but they will also let you be creative and do things “outside the box” in fact they want you to!

When deciding which company to work at (this last time around) I looked at many aspects of the business including: Is the office nice (a place I would be proud to bring my customers), are the people nice (will they welcome me and make me feel comfortable), will I have a good commission split, Will I be able to grow as an agent… these are a few of the questions I asked myself. From day one I have only felt welcomed when I go into our BEAUTIFUL office located at Village on the Creeks in Rogers near Pinnacle. I also feel I have (with what we get (including enhanced listings on for all of my listings, pro-quest 800 #’s for each listing, great office support when you need it, etc. etc.) the BEST commission split! I have heard agents and brokers from other companies say that they can beat my commission split – but I really do not think they can – unless they want to pay me to come over there… which I still am not sure I would 😉 – I do not pay an office fee, and I am already at the top level after a couple of months I hit the “cap” which is paying into the company $18K… I will get 94% from here on out till next year. I am proud to say this as I feel I have earned it!

For agents in Northwest Arkansas considering a change – do yourself a favor and look over Century 21 Exclamations commission split below – if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment – call Deborah Brown or Marcella Hagan and come join the fun!!!

Several key points

Are…..      1.  No Franchise fees are charged to the agent – (they pay that for you!!)

                2.  No monthly desk fee

                3.  Free visual tour

                4.  Free 1-800 info number

                5.  Personalized listing presentation for every listing

                6.  Agents get all their own listing calls

                7.  Paperless, web based office system

                8.  Company-wide enhanced  

                9.  Management mails out to your data base free…8 times a year for 5 years

                10. National Relocation team

                11.Company signs provided free (Agents provide if personalized)

                12. Agents can earn as much as 94/6 their first year.

•·         70% or 90% to start

•·         60% for newly licensed agents that includes extra training

                13. Free lead system

                14. Market statistics updated and graphed for agents monthly free

No Technology fee

No long distance phone fees

Free in house coaching

Motivational Sales meeting

Instant name recognition.  Century 21 has 97% market awareness!!!!!


Century 21 Exclamation Realty


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