Social Networking Explained at Raincamp…

AND SO MUCH MORE! Active Rain has always amazed me but Rain Camp was honestly the best seminar/class I have ever attended. It could be because I LOVE Social Networking and technology or maybe it was because Ben Kinney is so darn funny. Whatever it was – I HIGHLY suggest you make one of these Raincamps! You will learn SO much. If you just take a few things from Rain Camp – you will be doing good. Luckily I took good notes and have gone through them and chosen my favorites like: creating fan pages on Facebook and google alerts to all sorts of really cool websites that are “FREE”… I forgot who said this but I really liked it “They used to say you have to pay to play – now you have to play to play.” – Brilliant! I have barely slept since I have been home from Dallas! I also feel like dominating my market like never before… LET IT RAIN!!! LET IT RAIN!!! See what others say about RainCamp.

Raincamp dallas 2010


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