Promotional Items/Giveaways

I am all about promotion… I have done pens, pens, & more pens…

Here is my latest WHICH HAS BEEN A HUGE SUCCESS –  people are asking for them! It is a pen and a stylus! 

nicky dou stylus pen | keller williams

I LOVE them! Pens have never excited people before but these double as a stylus for your touchscreen (iPad/iPhone/Android/Nook, & more)… 

On the pen/stylus I have included my website/phone number, the same for my husband (who is also a Realtor) & our Facebook Real Estate Page (would LOVE for you to GO LIKE OUR PAGE!!!)

I purchased over a thousand and almost out (only have had them for 2 weeks) so I will be ordering more! 

They also have a cool, eco design. 

Anyway thought I would share!!! 

(Oh and I bought them at discount mugs)… but I bet they sell them at most places. 




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