Need advice on website – Do you DIG it?

I am getting my KW eAgentC website revamped with Brandco – since I already have a main website I am looking at making this one either “trendy” or “a Luxury site”…

I own both of these domains:  (the NWA is short for NorthwestArkansas which is where I service)

and can not for the life of me decide which way to take this. 

I like the NWADigs – because its short and “cool” but will the majority of people “get it”? I could have a Luxury DIGS section? What are your thoughts? Any opinions/advice is greatly appreciated…

Zillow has a new section called “DIGS” maybe that would also help. 

Some people I have mentioned the “digs” site to “dont get it” BUT heres the definition of Digs

  1. digs

    plural noun: digs
    1. 1.
      living quarters.
      “settled into new digs in Los Angeles”
      synonyms: home, quarters, living quarters, rooms, accommodations;



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