Just when you think it is a Buyer’s Market…

WOW – what a week. I FINALLY got an offer for one of my sellers that they accepted – their home has been on the market for A VERY LONG time – (not listed with me for all of that time 🙂 ) But NOW – we have put in a couple of “GOOD” offers for homes and it seems that every home they want goes under contract like just before we put in an offer OR the last two offers were on bank owned properties and the bank wont look at the offer b/c they have a contingency of “CLOSING on their current home” in now 16 days… Now we are truly looking for a rental for them so that they dont feel rushed into something or so that they are not homeless come 15 days!


I do not usually blog about my clients or situations with my clients… however I thought this warranted a blog post as maybe someone out there in ActiveRain land can shed some light on our situation… My clients are not that picky – but do want a good home and a good deal. I even sent out an email to most of the Realtors in my area with their criteria and I only got a few responses… If I had a home for them believe me I would have sent myself a response. I am sure most of you would send me a response – too!!!



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