Is it really a numbers game?

I get amazed when I hear about Realtor statistics on getting listings. I hear numbers that blow my mind… like “I get 2 of every 5 listings I go to a listing appointment for” or that it is a numbers game (meaning you should set out to go to tons of listing appointments to get a few) I disagree. If you are good at what you do and truly believe in yourself as a Realtor then you should be getting 100% of the listings you set out for. Personally (and I am not trying to brag) I have turned down more listings this year than I have lost out on. In fact – I don’t even recall losing out on a listing that I actually went on an appointment to get. WHY IS THIS? Instead of making it a numbers game (going to as many listing appointments as I can get) I focus on serious sellers and focus my time that would be spent trying to get more listings on marketing the current listings that I have and know will sell and only going to appointments after I have “interviewed the sellers on their goals”. If the sellers goal is something like this: “Well I paid X for my home, then I took out a 2nd mortgage- and I need to have X for a down-payment for my next home – so this is what I need you to sell my home for” So… for instance – that price is 200K and the comparable homes are selling for 175K – I don’t waste my time – because in all honesty – this seller is not serious – they are “testing the market” and again – I want to work for sellers that want me to SELL their home. OR my “favorite line… “I DONT HAVE TO SELL”… What? Well then why did you call me? NOW I will say that I do take listings and sell them all of the time that are on the high end of the market – but if a home wouldn’t appraise for a price the sellers want or need… what is the point?

I have had potential sellers get upset with me when I have turned down their listing. They list with someone else and the home sits…and sits…and sits… until their 6 months or year on the market with that Realtor is up and about 75% of the sellers in this situation usually call me back and go with my original advice – wishing they had listened to me in the first place… the problem – another agent took that listing – probably knowing it wouldn’t sell… WHY? To make that seller happy? Do you think that seller is happy?

Just something to think about. Instead of “getting as many listings as you can” try to get “good listings that will sell” and spend your time wisely… marketing your listings the best you can.

Have a wonderful day!

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