Frustrated in Arkansas… PART ONE

I am an extremely positive person (most of the time). This week I am struggling though. I have been working with some great buyers and showing a lot of homes. What has me frustrated is that on the first day of showings with an out of town client 4 of the 18 homes I needed to show – the sellers “couldn’t show that day “COULD I COME BACK TOMORROW or NEXT WEEK” WHAT?! SERIOUSLY!! I called around 8am and didn’t even start showing till 11am… Oh-well. but then 3 more called during my first hour of showings to ask if I could change the time to later in the day. URGH… It is hard enough to schedule that many homes but to accommodate so many sellers with their schedules this is just frustrating me. I thought it was a buyers market. Then – the best was one of the homes I was showing the entire family was home – and the mother was lounging on the couch watching TV, as we wandered through the home – I knocked on doors, as I had no idea what was going to come next – one child “was in the bathroom” so we couldn’t look in there. I was quite embarrassed to say the least. Will probably not be showing that home again. 

PLEASE SELLERS and listing agents – IF YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR HOME – allow agents to show them. (None of these had a 24 hour notice either)… and please agents explain to sellers how important it is to not be home – or if they have to be home to maybe go outside to take a walk or something. It really makes a buyer want to hurry through the home and feel uncomfortable. 



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