“Dear Seller” – are letters good or bad?

In my 8 years in real estate I have only had 2 letters presented along with an offer on my listings. This past week I had a buyer who wished to present a letter with his offer. I told him my opinion (which was that it is not a great idea) but did as he wished and presented it. All 3 times the letter was not taken well by the seller. In fact – each time the Seller sent back their own “letter” which was quite nasty… My take on letters is DON’T DO IT. There might be situations such as if the home is corporate or bank owned and that bank or relocation company has never been to the property but I would suggest backing up any comments with photos… This past time the letter we received back also came with a FULL price counter offer and the builder wrote some pretty nasty comments. It was sad as my buyer truly did like the home and would have purchased it but now we are moving on to the next one. People need to learn to leave emotions out of selling real estate as much as possible. That seller/builder lost a potential buyer because his emotions got the best of him. My buyer was looking for a counter-offer but not a full price one. We could have worked a deal out I am certain but not now. GOOD THING is that I don’t think my buyer will be presenting any more letters, either!

Click here to read an article from “The New York Times” regarding presenting letters with offers.

See what you think. Dear Seller...Dear Buyer

Comments? Any one seen good things come from letters?

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