Crazier things have happened… in Fayetteville, AR!

Ok – So I showed 37 homes last Saturday to a girl relocating to Northwest Arkansas… She narrowed her search down to 5 homes. We went back on Sunday to look at those Five. She decided on a favorite – we made an offer – as I called – the other agent said, Great – BUT there is another offer that “just came in”. Ok – so my buyer increased her offering price by $5000! Next day – around 4pm (expiration was 5pm) they accepted the Other Offer!!! –


Home number 2.

Made offer. Home has been on the market for 200 days. No offers… At 7 pm got a message – ANOTHER OFFER! Called my client – she couldnt believe it! AGAIN! and we are in a BUYERS MARKET!


Crazier things have happened…

So… we made an offer. Tomorrow we will find out if we won. If not. We are on to house #3 for my buyer – who has no contingencies and needs to close in less than 30 days – lost out on 1 home so far – going on two….

What is up with that???

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