BIG News for Real Estate Companies in Northwest Arkansas!

As many of you already know some key Real Estate Companies here in Northwest Arkansas have “merged” – Griffin Company Realtors (who has been in the business 31 years) merged with Weichert Clark Long and Associates (in the business 6 years)  in December of 2009 to make up Weichert Griffin Company Realtors. They will have a combined total of 112 agents. Although I have never worked at either of these companies I have a LOT of respect for all of the owners and it has always been a pleasure working with agents within these companies. CONGRATS! (Read more about the Griffin/Weichert Merger here.

The most recent Merger in Northwest Arkansas came out a couple of weeks ago and will be made final in the coming month. Coldwell Banker Faucette (Faucette joined Coldwell Banker in 1986) and Harris McHaney Realtors has been in Northwest Arkansas since 1976. WOW! That is A LOT of experience and time in this market!!! It is quite a shocker to me that these two companies are combining forces. I am very happy for them. (Read more about the Coldwell/HarrisMcHaney merger here). 

Those reading my post may be wondering – “Why is Nicky writing about these mergers when she doesn’t work for any of these companies?” – Well the honest answer is that I have had many of my clients (and other agents within these companies) call me to get my opinion on this. I have actually had the opportunity to work for both Harris McHaney and Coldwell Banker Faucette over the years and all I can say is that they are both terrific companies. Some agents get a little frantic when change is forced upon them and want to explore options. I understand – I have had my fair share of “change” – I say to those agents – “Embrace Change” – The real estate market is ever changing and the quicker you adapt the better off you will be! I began my real estate career in 2001 with Harris McHaney Realtors – I worked in the Springdale/Fayetteville office and it really had a “family feel” and truly was hard to leave. I left only to start my own company – Element Realty Group – in 2005. I loved every minute of it as it helped me grow as a Realtor and Broker and allowed me to understand a different aspect of the business as an owner. What I learned most is that I LOVE doing my OWN thing – not managing others. My real passion is marketing properties and helping buyers and sellers.  I had the opportunity to merge with Coldwell Banker Faucette. I have the utmost respect for George Faucette. I also learned that having a large “Brand” as your logo doesn’t hurt anything, either! I appreciate all that both Pat Harris and George Faucette did to help me grow as an agent. If you are reading this – THANK YOU! I am now with Century 21 Exclamation Realty – Marcella Hagan is the owner of the company & I feel her and I have a similar “vision” and although hers is to help other agents succeed – she allows me to succeed in my own way (which I tend to have some more untraditional ways of doing real estate – I strive on “being different”). So – moral of this LONG post – to agents in Northwest Arkansas – Find the best company for YOU. It is not about how large the company is or how much production a company does – it is about YOU and where you fit in the best. Does it help to have a national brand behind you, probably (but I never lost business when I didn’t). I have always believed it is the agent, not the company that people (buyers and sellers) work with. Be the best agent you can be where ever you feel most comfortable. FOR buyers and sellers – Do your research on the agent you choose – not only the company… ask questions and feel comfortable with that agent (OR JUST CHOOSE NICKY DOU… sorry had to add that plug… 🙂 You can email me here…

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