BEWARE OF SCAMS… Todd is scamming Northwest Arkansas & might be in other markets…

BEWARE OF SCAMS!!! I wanted to let people know that I received an email this past weekend from a Todd Everest inquiring about one of my listings (A large one – over 2 million dollars)… It did not seem real strange or anything at first… normal questions… then after about the 4th email he discussed making an offer – had me contact my seller about price… Well then I got the “offer” Here it is…

He has done this to other agents in our area I recently found out about – and he might be scamming others in other areas so just Beware… Not that any one would follow through with his silly “scam” but it is a waste of your time and your sellers time to even respond!!!

The email from Todd Everest: (wish I had received this from the beginning as then I would have known it was a scam and would not have gotten my sellers hopes up!)

Lets Proceed with an Offer and see if this is worth taking further.

This Letter is being written to Convey My Clients Sincere Interest in Purchasing the Above Mentioned Property. He is willing to Purchase the Property under the Following Terms & Conditions.

Purchase Price: $ 2,000,000

Down Payment: $ 200,000 (10%)

Balance Payable in 5 weeks from Date of Down Payment. 

Additional Terms: 

Mortgage Loan is such that Loan Processing Attorney is to be Paid 5% Legal Fees of any part of the Purchase Price that has been received in full by the seller.

1) Bank will serve as escrow between Loan Processing Attorney & Seller for the 5% legal fees for any part of the Purchase Price that has been paid & Received in Full by Seller.

2) Seller to Open Escrow Account with Bank & furnish Account details for Payment to be made by Lender.

3) Seller Confirms Payment

4) Seller pays 5% Legal Fees to Loan Processing Attorney & Notifies Bank of same.

5) Seller withdraws Funding.

Find Attached an Initial Deposit on Sales Contract (earnest money) to be used.

Seller paying legal fees will only be Assisting in Financing by Reducing out of Pocket Expenses for the Buyer because Buyer will be making a 20% down Payment out of Pocket & paying some other Loan Fees.

This Offer is Valid for 14 days only.

We look forward to a Prompt Favorable Response from you so we can take things further.


Todd Everest

UPDATE as of March 25th, 2009

I have had multiple phone calls reporting this same thing… in Florida, Tennessee and others in Arkansas. He has contacted some through Landwatch (thats the site he got my listing off of) and another through the Real Estate Book. Dont ever give someone bank account info. over emai!!!

He and I corresponded multiple times prior to his “offer” which the offer is above – this is what finally made me feel uncomfortable about this scenario. I hope this will help others not waste your valuable time!

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