You want to negotiate MY commission?

Yesterday I had the wildest thing happen. I sent my seller an offer on a home that I listed about 5 weeks ago.  When discussing a counter offer (I will call her Mary) – Mary said “I hope I dont offend anyone” and of course I thought she meant the buyer. Her initial counter offer she wanted to counter not only the price but MY commission by more than half. Mary thought we should take the hit because she really needed this to go through. Mary wanted to pay a flat fee to the list agent and buyers agent. She felt that was fair for only 5 weeks of work.


Well – after much consideration I decided this was not in anyones best interest because I am pretty sure (well in fact I called the buyers agent and asked what he thought) he would take his buyer elsewhere – the buyer was not IN LOVE with the home…  I had to decline. And I might lose this listing but I am ok with that because I will not lower my standards and change my way of doing business. I have worked really hard and have staged the home (didnt charge for that), I edit all of my photos, spend hours making a video & submitting to multiple websites… I feel Mary should at least counter the buyer and see where that goes before asking the agents to help out on an already negotiated commission.


The crazy thing is that Mary used to be a Realtor and practices law so she is in this sort of business. I just dont get it. Am I missing something? Am I in the wrong here?

Would love to know your thoughts.

Have a great day!

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