We Dont HAVE to sell… really? Why did you call me?

I was in a CE course last week and the teacher told us a statistic that actually shocked me. Over 70% of listings in our market expire before they sell. Most of our listings are (on average) listed for a 6 month period. I am an optimistic person by nature and honestly have only ever had a few listings “expire” and most of those were with sellers “that didn’t HAVE to sell”… Dont you just love that phrase LOL.

Now a days when I am at a listing appointment and a seller says those words “WE DONT HAVE TO SELL” or “WE ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE OUR HOME AWAY”… I politely wish them well. Of course I first give them the stats of the market and of comparable sales – but then if they “still want “what they want” for their home… I leave. More times than not – 6 months later I get a call from the very sellers saying they “wished they had listened to me” and that they are now ready to list with me…

I understand that some Realtors (and I admit I have done it when I was a newer agent) will take a listing even if it is overpriced – hoping the seller will reduce the price, etc. but the only way I do this now is if the seller agrees to a price reduction UP FRONT when we sign the listing agreement.

Maybe if more Realtors would practive this method we could reduce that 70% stat of listings expiring before selling.


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