Using technology in Real Estate… (Just attended a Technology class/seminar)

So I attended a class yesterday that was held at the Cosmopolitan hotel in downtown Fayetteville. I was thrilled by how many Realtors in Northwest Arkansas attended! is a great website and does offer some great packages. I had never had any sort of “enhanced listings” until I joined Century 21 Exclamation Realty last November. Now all of my listings are “Enhanced Listings” which means I am maximizing the on-line presence of my listings (all of my listings) on the most popular real estate website on the Internet. This includes 25 JUMBO photos, full motion video (when applicable), headlines and property descriptions so consumers will look at my listings longer.

I found out at the class in Northwest Arkansas only 23% of homes in our area are “Enhanced listings” on OK – so here is the deal though. After looking at the website – I think of the 23% that is currently “ENHANCED” on only about 5-10% of those actually have gone in and “enhanced the listings”. What does this mean? pulls information from the Northwest Arkansas MLS database and will automatically put it on – however if you have the “Enhanced Listings” it is the agents job to go in and change the headings, upload an additional 9 photos, video, virtual tour, etc. It is mind boggling to me – that people will pay the big bucks to have these “enhanced listings” and then not go in and enhance them. Granted… if an agent does not do anything – the home will still appear more enhanced than others – they have a nice border around them and it does have 16 photos (if 16 photos were put into the MLS system which is all it will allow). I feel that if you have this service you should utilize it to its fullest. I honestly pulled up many listings that have ZERO photos. WHY WHY WHY would someone NOT have a single photo on their listing. WHY WHY WHY would a seller be OK with this? CLICK HERE TO VIEW ONE OF MY ENHANCED LISTINGS on (This is a home I currently have listed in Pinnacle).

Anyway…. The class was good and I hope that some other Realtors in Northwest Arkansas will see the power of technology in their marketing! The speaker touched on using Face book, My Space, and YOU TUBE in their marketing as well. I have been utilizing all of these methods (not so much My Space anymore – I like Face book better) for over a year now and have had a great success. He did not talk about Active Rain, which I feel is one of the most important and best tools for Realtors on line…

So the class was free (sort of, I mean I ended up buying sonething)… I suggest Realtors attend if they are in your area (especially if you are looking to purchase any of the products) they did give a nice discount yesterday. I purchased some of the “FEATURED HOME SPOTS” which are one step higher than the “SHOWCASE LISTINGS” these show up around the entire page of listings when consumers do a search in a specific area. I am excited to offer yet another great service to my sellers and get even more exposure for my listings!!!

They also had a program which sold out quickly – and was pretty expensive; purchasing spots on the pages for Northwest Arkansas “Banner Ad’s”. I did not sign up for this service. WHY? Well it is mainly for the agent to get their name out in front of buyers and sellers (which believe me I like to do) however I work hard to put out good information across many places on the web including my website which is a Number1Expert site and has so many great features, my ActiveRain Blog, Face book, You Tube, and many many other sites on the Internet. I guarantee my sellers will get “THE MOST EXPOSURE” on line… I may not be getting the most exposure on, but my listings will be and to me that is the most important thing! I prefer to spend my marketing dollars advertising my listings, not myself!!! It is a great idea, though and I do wish those that signed up for the banner ads great success!


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