TWO offers on the same home in ONE day!!! WHAT is going on?!? Nearing the end of the “bubble”?

I dont know about you guys or if other areas are seing things pick up – but it has been a LONG time since I have had multiple offers on a non-bank foreclosure home I had listed. But yesterday I got 2 offers in on the same home. I honestly almost panicked… I mean what do you do?!? I wanted to sell them both the home! Neither had contingencies either. I had to seriously THINK “what do I do with TWO offers” LOL!

I like it this way!!! Anyone else seeing their markets pick back up? Maybe we are close to the end of the “bubble”… I mean I have had a good past couple of years but so far this year has been super great!

BEST WISHES TO ALL OF YOU READING THIS! Have a positive attitude this year and you will see you will go far!

Ok so this video has NOTHING to do with multiple offers but it is so cute I had to share. One of my neighbors bulldogs had puppies and tonight all the kiddos in our neighborhood got to play with them.

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