Twitter… Facebook… ActiveRain… WOW there is a lot to do not even including selling homes :)

Hi! I am a mother of a four year old – wife, daughter and Realtor! I have a great life and love what I do. I have been active on many social sites including Facebook, ActiveRain, now I am getting into Twitter (still dont understand completely why but I am sure that will come) along with maintaining my own website (Luckily – my website is a Number1Expert site so they do much of the “sending out to other places” for me) I love the internet but I just wonder what is next? I do just about “everything” I can imagine to get my homes out in front of the most buyers online and if more and more sites are added – I just can not imagine the lack of time I will have left in my life!!!

QUESTION – How do some of you guys that do these great blogs SO OFTEN along with other things in your life including LISTING and SELLING manage your time? Is there a trick to this? I am all about learning tricks to save time – if anyone has any…

I have made it my new goal to try and make a little bit more time for “family time” around my house. I seem to always be “on the computer” – My Daughter – who is four is now “acting like me” and “always wanting to be on the computer – “she has “WORK, to do”…

My four year old daughter and I "on our computers"


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