RIGHT OR WRONG… in a picture perfect world… LOL

Is this RIGHT OR WRONG… Once a photo is placed on mls it “becomes public”: meaning that if for one reason or another the home either is leased out, doesn’t sell, seller or agent decides to withdraw that the next agent can use those photos for their own? I wouldn’t really consider this unless it was some kind of aerial shot or something that I was unable to capture in which I would ask permission or ask to purchase that photo from the photographer/agent that took it. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is this ok to do? Would you do it? Would it upset anyone else if you spent hours upon hours using a super expensive professional camera – getting home ready (staging it), lighting perfect, taking many many photos to capture the best features of the home and then many additional hours editing those photos and then another agent just to use them as if it is no big deal? 

I am not a greedy or stingy type person AT ALL. I just like getting credit for my work. I have a certain style and really don’t think it is right for someone else to just take that from me… 

I would be really interested in hearing comments from other Active Rainers that have either done this or had it done to them… thanks! 

Oh – and just for fun, below is a recent picture of my sweet little girl from this past weekend. I hope by posting this – the maker of this dress or a skating rink doesn’t think it is “public property” and use it in an AD.

Madison Dou



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