Random thoughts for the day…

I am always so busy with my listings that I rarely have a chance to just write about my thoughts, experiences, etc. SO HERE GOES… in no real order…

* Today was my husband, Jerry Dou’s birthday. We had a great dinner at “Samurai” – a Korean BBQ here in Bentonville, AR (which I just found out about a few weeks ago) it is a new favorite of mine! Great FOOD, great service and it is just fun… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND!

* I am getting really frustrated with agents that make an appointment and then either A.) don’t show up at all without a call or B.) call 30 minutes after they were supposed to show up and say they didn’t go because of one reason or another or C.) make extended long showing times and don’t show up…. POINT IS – SHOW UP – if you cant or the buyers do not want to go in once they get there – please be polite at least and go leave a card inside the home. SELLERS get so angry and frustrated when there are no shows. I cant blame them. It is just the polite thing to do I think. Sellers (mine anyway) work really hard to make their homes show well and then have to either take their pets, children, themselves AWAY from their homes for a showing… This might be one of my biggest frustrations in real estate… which brings me to my next random thought of the day…

* Sellers thinking that we should always be showing their home. I get this a lot – “Well my last agent never showed my home” – I can not promise I WILL EITHER. I hope I will I hope that I get a buyer for your home but I market in the best way I can to get my listings out – not only to buyers – but to other Realtors as well. I market to sell a home – not necessarily only to be both the listing AND selling agent. I wish that were the case – but only about 20% of the time am I that fortunate.

NEXT and final random thought of the day… I just purchased a new computer and after many months of what I was going to get… I went with a Sony Vaio. I really like it so far. I had thought I wanted a MAC really bad however after MUCH deliberation I decided to stick with what I know (for now anyway)… I did purchase 2 programs though that I am VERY excited about… ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 7 & ADOBE PREMIERE ELEMENTS 7. I LOVE THEM!I can’t wait to have some extra time to learn more and more and utilize these in my business! If anyone has any tips or shortcuts or time savers for these 2 programs or things they really like/dislike about them please let me know. I have not had an opportunity to play around with the Premiere much yet but can not wait to get started!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Talk to you soon. Let me know how you handle Agents that don’t show up to appointments (how do you handle your sellers?) I would love to hear your comments.

Nicky Dou

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