Looking for ideas on getting feedback from showing agents…

I am sure I am not alone here… One of my listings is shown. My office has “Showing desk” so an automatic email is sent out to the showing agent for their feedback… I wait awhile not to “bug” them with a call or another email, etc. but it seems that so many Realtors just do not respond. Ok – so I move on to a nice email asking for feedback and asking if they need anything. STILL NOTHING… (Ok – some do respond- maybe 50%)… so then on to the phone call. Voice mail (about at least 75% of the time) I leave a message asking for feedback either by return call or email (they can just respond to either of the 2 emails they have received from me…)

WHAT IS THE DEAL? I MEAN REALLY! I love when I get an email for feedback instead of the call and I respond right away. DO YOU? If not, WHY NOT? I need to understand why agents do not like to respond so that I can figure out a way to motivate them to respond.

Here is an idea I have thought about putting into place. Making a postcard or bookmark for the agents to take with them when they show my listing- the agent takes one and if they email me feedback within 24 hours they are entered to win a monthly prize (probably a $100 gift certificate to a nice restaurant) – the more they show my listings and give me feedback the more times their name gets entered. I will also have a drawing at the end of the year. I feel like maybe this might motivate some agents to do what I would love for them to do… Do you think this will work? Have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help! Happy 2010!

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