Is your computer running slow? Here is a quick & free way to speed it up! Use CCleaner…

I am not a computer genious; not even close. However I learned about CCleaner from a friend and ever since my computer has been running SO MUCH FASTER! Every time my computer starts to go a little “slow” I run CCleaner and it truly does “CLEAN OUT” my computer!!! It is free to download – I downloaded it from their website

Once you have it on your computer follow these directions:

Double click on the icon:

CCleaner Icon

(Then on my computer it ask for permission to continue (I am on Vista) “This program needs your permission to contine” I agree…

Next this screen appears: I then click RUN CLEANER at the bottom right of screen. KNOW that by clicking here you are agreeing to have the CCLeaner erase cookies, temporary internet files (JUNK) – but if you do not remember passwords that you have saved in various places online I would uncheck “cookies”…

CCLeaner Begin

Once you click on Run Cleaner this screen appears: To begin CCLeaner click OK!


This might take awhile depending on how much JUNK your computer has on it… Then your screen will show you what all it has erased off of your computer. I run this just about every other day. 757.8MB was removed off of my computer and I did it just yesterday!!! It is amazing how much stuff gets placed on your computer and you really dont know it or think about it – I mean its not like you are really “saving this stuff”!

Cleaning Complete


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