I took a day off to lay by the pool…

I am a workaholic… for real. I do love what I do so I guess this is ok and I dont need help or anything however it was wild on Friday when I actually “took the day off”… I posted my status on Facebook that I was laying by a pool with good friends and the response was funny. Some of my clients and friends just could not believe their ears! I had just listed 2 new properties and believe me – I was up till like 3am Thursday night (Friday morning) to get everything finished for my listings so that I could take the day off. It is just funny how people respond to things some times… I did get a good response from those who were glad to see me relaxing 🙂 Everyone should take a day off every once in awhile it was nice!

I also took half of Saturday off too! LOL! However we went to Beaver Lake and of course I was taking photos of everything to post on a blog – so I guess I kind of was working. What other profession can you work while you are on vacation 🙂 We Realtors Really Do have the Best JOB!

Have a great week!

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