I love ActiveRain… About ready to celebrate 100,000 points!

I really do LOVE ActiveRain! I can not explain how much I have enjoyed reading others posts, attending RainCamp in Dallas, learning new tips and getting advice from others on ActiveRain. I am about to reach 100,000 points 100,000 points on activerainand I am ecstatic!!! Not many people (around here – outside of ActiveRain) understand what that means and think I am goofy to be happy about points that “they dont understand” – but I know many of you reading this UNDERSTAND!!! I am so happy! Now I can’t wait to reach 200,000 & even a million! WOOHOO!!!!

 Nicky Dou almost reaches 100,000 points on ActiveRain!

WHAT ARE these points all about people ask… Well – NO I don’t WIN a trip or anything… then “what do I get?” HOW ABOUT connections… GOOGLE JUICE… CLIENTS… more listings, more buyers = $$$$$$$$


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