I am sorry I can not take your listing.

Sellers – or “prospective sellers” are always shocked when I am at the listing appointment and discuss with them all that I offer to market and sell their homes, I show them the value of their home with statistics and comparable sales – then they tell me: “Well we need $X in order to sell”  and “they do not “HAVE TO SELL” “THEY ARE NOT DESPERATE”.. I discuss this over with them and then I wish them the very best and tell them that I will not be able to list their home. I explain why and I leave.

They are shocked and maybe even a little angry at me – mainly “because “their home is different” than those other homes… Maybe they have “fresh paint” or “updated appliances” or X, Y, or Z… It is a tough market but when a seller comes to me – a professional in this business – and does not want to listen to me – it makes it very difficult to work with them. I apologize if I have hurt any ones feelings but I do not want to waste that sellers time, my time or any buyers time if the home is not going to sell. If you (or they) do find an agent that will list their home for their desired price – which I am sure they will- and it doesn’t sell – I do hope they feel free to call me back in 6 months and I would be happy to come back and talk with them again.

How do you handle sellers like this? Any tips or suggestions? I read sometimes that you should just take the listing regardless of price and then try to work on price reductions. I have even done this before – but I still just do not feel it is worth it any more – not in this market. What do you think?

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