I am missing on Facebook – HELP!

So the past few days when I log on to Facebook I can see everyone’s posts – everything seems normal until I click my own name up on the top right corner – then it says this: The page you requested was not found. I AM MISSING! I have had clients text me – wondering “what happened to me”. This is not good and I have tried everything – changed password, security settings. Everything seems normal BUT it is NOT! Has anyone else in the Active Rain world experienced this and if so – is there a fix? Or do I have to wait it out?

HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!! Thanks – Nicky Dou

You used to be able to access my page @ http://www.Facebook.com/nickydou but dont waste your time – it is a MISSING link. Funny thing is – on my iPhone I am there… Just not on my computer nor many of my friends computers!

facebook missing page

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