How important are signs? Questions…feedback… help appreciated!

I love being different and I am looking for any ideas that anyone has to help me in this area of signs… I have custom signs with my web address, phone number & photo that I had done locally just about a year ago. They were not cheap but they were not top notch either… I usually carry about 30 listings +/- at a time. I am looking at getting new signs. So far I am leaning towards the EZ Post or the old time looking wooden posts with the hanging signs. ARE THESE A PAIN? They look heavy and not the easiest to install – but they say they are easy. ANY ONE HAVE ANY OPINIONS? & on the photo… THOUGHTS? Photo or No Photo? That is the question… I have actually had some of my clients that are super honest tell me they think it is silly to have my photo on there… So simple… to the point. I also read a great BLOG post earlier by an agent in Atlanta who places  “Google this address” as his sign rider – how awesome of an idea is that!!! Click this link to read that post 

Ordering Signs: If you order online – who is the best? LOWEN seems to have fair prices. I find I search and search and end up waiting another day before placing my order.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciate – AR is the BEST!!!

Below are the signs I am looking to order…

I wish I could have my cell number on the signs – but I think it would look too cluttered as my broker does require their office number there. However I do get all of my calls from my office so I wont actually lose business…

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