Hi there, I saw your post on Craigslist…..

I never miss an opportunity to advertise my listings HOWEVER – I would like to know from you other agents out there IF you ever get any real leads from Craigslist. I am a little sick of waking up each morning to about 20 emails like this:

“Hi there, I saw your post on Craigs-List
I am going make this email short and sweet.
If you’re interested to make a bit of dollars on the web,
then see this webpage named: cactusbidder.info

I am not going to tell you a bunch of facts…
However, I can tell you that it will help you out.
Basically, you bid on merchandise,
and then resell it for more. The website’s cool!
You can get a Xbox there for like a dollar.

I’m bringing in around an extra $400 a day
just by reselling the things I get on that 
website and posting it on Craigslist.

Get ready to make some money!

OR another popular one:

“whats up I live in fayar too, I just read your advert on craigslist, we are hopefull this is something you definately find usefull. (INSERT THEIR WEBSITE FOR ME TO GO TO HERE).”

I dont mind deleting emails dont get me wrong but it is frustrating to me to hardly ever get a real lead from Craigslist – these (maybe you call them spammers) should at least get more creative…

CAN I DO ANYTHING TO STOP THE SOLICITATION besides stop posting things to Craigslist? If anyone has any advice I am ALL EARS.

Have a great day!


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