Grumpy Realtors… Change your attitude OR Please Get out of the business!

Anyone that knows me… Knows that I am a very POSITIVE and fun person – and I love what I do and I am good at it. What I don’t love… IS other people in my profession that are GRUMPY, negative and condescending… Which unfortunately I have ran into a LOT lately and honestly I am sick of it. I do not complain about many things… But my hope out of this blog post is to help those that might be part of this group of GRUMPY REALTORS to figure out that it is very irritating to other Realtors that are not… And truly – I don’t feel like working with GRUMPY Realtors… Real Estate is a great profession and there are some great Realtors out there. I have a good number of Realtors in my area that I love to work with and that I get all warm and fuzzy when they show my listings because I know the deal will go very well and be very pleasant. THEN there are a few that I cringe when I see they show my listings… I just think that Real Estate agents should go by the golden rule – Treat Others as you wish to be treated… WHY would they even be in this “people business” if they are not good with people? UUURRGH.

I DO NOT GET IT… Why in the world would another Realtor want to treat a fellow Realtor with disrespect or negativity… I get the feeling sometimes that they think talking down to me or being short or negative that they are going to get further or a better deal or something for their clients. How can they rationalize this? There are other professions that the Grumpy Realtors could get into. I think they should either change their attitude or GET OUT! Sorry for being so blunt – but it is very irritating…


How can we help these GRUMPY people? First thing (if you are a Grumpy person) figure out why you are that way – read a book about it or something. Then read the book “The Secret” – maybe this might help. Any one else that wants to share ideas – maybe we can make a small impact in the world… I would like to see more positive and energetic people in the Real Estate field. Feel free to email me if you need some positive thoughts to get you started. LIFE IS GOOD!

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