Frustrated in Arkansas… PART TWO

Here I am again – MRS. Positive… LOL! My next FRUSTRATION this week (month) is this: (WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR COMMENTS/OPINIONS)

During listing appointments I give some great advice (basically getting a home READY TO SELL) tips on un-cluttering, rearranging furniture, etc. I have a lot of experience in design and am an accredited home staging specialist. This has worked for me in the past as it gives me an “edge” over other agents as I “offer more” rather than just coming in with stats, etc. -which I also do… Well this week I lost out on a listing for only the 3rd time ever since I began offering this service. They said they loved and will be using all of my advice but that they found an agent with “more experience with relocation’s”. Hmmm. I have done hundreds of relocation’s over the years. Anyway – my frustration is that the 1st two times this happened – I showed the home after it was listed with the “other agent” and EVERY thing I suggested was done. Nothing more nothing less. I usually spend a good hour or two with the sellers during this initial consultation and sellers LOVE that I give this advice as most agents just say “oh the house looks great, ready for me to take pics”… so they tell me. 

DO I stop offering this at the initial meeting? I am considering showing before and after pics of homes of previous sellers that listed their home with me and I helped them get home ready to sell… & SOLD and just let them know that when they make their decision of who they are going to list their home with – I will come back for this consultation. 

I am just sort of sick of “being used” if you know what I mean… They love my advice and tips but then go with an agent that will cut their commission or something else. 






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