Educating sellers…

For some reason the past few weeks I have had the hardest time with some sellers. I feel I educate them in the beginning however – when it comes time to negotiate offers they get all emotional on me.

I had two over the weekend that wanted to REJECT an offer. WHAT? Seriously? Well after a lot of counseling… they agreed to at least counter the offer. I feel it will turn into a contract but could have just been a dead deal. WHY? What could I have done to have gotten them ready for a low offer to begin with?

I wish people would leave their emotions out of the world of real estate… Buyers are always going to try and get the best deal that they can – the media makes it sound as if they are going to be able to “steal a home” so why wouldn’t they try?

I am glad I took some psychology courses in college 🙂

If you have any tips on getting sellers educated – please share them here!!!

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