Do you qualify for a short sale? Short Sale Specialist in Northwest Arkansas is here to help, Jerry Dou with Century 21 Exclamation Realty

So you might have heard of or seen the website– One of the most comprehensive database of bank foreclosures, short sales, “smokin deals” and Relocation Properties throughout Northwest Arkansas. IF NOT check it out… here is an article from the Arkansas Business Journal about the website.


So Jerry Dou (my husband) has found his niche! He has been helping investors locate great deals in Northwest Arkansas for the past couple of years. NOW Jerry is helping home owners as well that are facing hard times in making payments in assisting with “short selling” their home. In my opinion – they should call these “LONG SALES” as there is nothing short to them… The “average” short sale from offer to closing is usually around 60 days or more. AND for buyers looking to purchase short sales – have a pre-approval letter ready to submit with your offer and be ready to be very patient! Banks will also not take any contingency offers (unless your home is set to close already – then you most likely will need to submit that contract along with the offer) – but don’t worry – leave the details to us! We are the experts…

What is a Short Sale?

A Short Saleis where the sales price is insufficient to pay the total of all liens and costs of the sale; and where the seller did not bring sufficient liquid assets to the closing to cure all deficiencies.

The Elements of a Successful Short Sale are generally these:

  • The property is worth less than is owed
  • The seller has some sort of hardship that makes it impossible (or near impossible) for the seller to keep the property.
  • The seller is cooperative and willing to work with a real estate agent to package the short sale (meaning gathering all of the paperwork necessary to get to their bank)
  • The lender is contacted and expresses willingness to entertain a short sale
  • The property is listed for “a good price” that will most likely gain an offer (and is effectively marketed).
  • The lender is presented with an offer, accepted by the seller, along with the completed short sale package and hardship letter explaining why the short sale is necessary and desirable.
  • The lender approves the offer and escrow closes as usual. No proceeds go to the seller – but the debt is also forgiven…

Jerry has successfully helped many people with “short sales” – he has been on both sides of A SHORT SALE many, many times with investors purchasing them and helping sellers sell their home via a short sale. Jerry is great at what he does and VERY organized. If you or anyone you might know are in a stressful situation OR if you are an investor looking to pick up some good deals in Northwest Arkansas – give Jerry a call @ 479.236.0362 or email him@  This will be kept confidential and Jerry already has the short sale packet ready to have you fill out. He can probably talk with you on the phone or if you wish communicate via email to see if you would qualify for a short sale. You never know till you ask, right…

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